Environmental Benefits

Environmental Benefits

Wood is the ultimate Green building material and is so, not only because it’s the only naturally renewable building material, but because it actually helps the environment.

Wood has the ability to reduce CO2 emissions. This is due to the fact that the production of solid wood products results in the storage of a portion of the trees’ carbon in another long-term storage medium. Also, with continuous technological advancements, engineered wood systems can maximize the use of the material to reduce the use of resources.

Also, natural wood uses less energy and produces less air and water pollution than other major manufactured building materials. Wood is a material that can be used instantly and only needs a few preparatory treatments. It’s manufactured in the forest and only needs to be shaped and sawed into the correct sizes. With construction and design, these wood products can come together to create a sustainable home or commercial building.

Over the past decade, the concept of Green building has entered the mainstream and the public has become increasingly aware of the potential environmental benefits of this alternative to conventional construction. A trend towards environmentally and climate-friendly building is becoming apparent in the construction industry world-wide and will continue to grow in the future. With sustainable qualities from production through construction, wood is undoubtedly leading the way in this Green trend.

Using Wood to Fight Climate Change


Southern Forest Products Association

Here is a positive and convincing story to tell about wood as a sustainable and environmentally preferable material. By providing the green building community with science-based facts about sustainability, embodied-energy, and carbon impact, wood can stand out as the greenest of building materials.



Studies in Sustainability: Wood Is Demonstrating Its Green Credentials by Example




History has shown that, with proper design and maintenance, wood structures can deliver decades and, in fact, centuries of reliable service. The key is careful planning and understanding of environmental loads and other external factors likely to impact a building over its lifetime..



Green Building



Green products and whole building designs can make structures more efficient and reduce their impact on human health and the environment through location, construction, operation, repair and maintenance, renovation and final deconstruction, demolition or removal.