July 2011
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Wood, Still Proven to be the Best Value
Sustainable Superiority and Lumber Prices Provide Wood's Competitive Advantages in Hawaii
In recent years, sustainable building and green design have added a significant amount of worth to Hawaii's homes. Sustainable, energy efficient homes are increasing in value due to their lower operating costs and superior comfort levels. No other building material achieves these green standards more so than wood. Furthermore, a recent study found that wood, compared to steel, has once again proven to be the most environmentally sustainable building material.

In 2010, the Consortium for Research on Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM) conducted a cradle-to-grave life cycle assessment (LCA) to identify and compare the environmental impacts related to borated treated lumber framing and galvanized steel framing. An LCA assesses the overall environmental impact of products from the manufacturing process to recycling or disposal.

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HLPA Going Strong!
  2011 marks the 8th year for the Hawaii Lumber Products Association. With over 36 members here and across the mainland the HLPA has made a major impact across Hawaii educating and promoting lumber products as the preferred building material based on its proven track record and its achievement of long-term performance success in Hawaii's construction industry.

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Join Us!!!
As a member in the HLPA, the benefits of membership include regular presence in media and marketing opportunities and continual promotion and education of the use of wood and lumber in building throughout Hawaii. Supportive wood and lumber industries such as shippers, suppliers, etc. also benefit from their membership in the HLPA as their commitment to wood's promotion help educate the trades and the public about the benefits of choosing WOOD to build their Hawaii homes. As an association, the HLPA welcomes a wide variety of members from a cross section of wood and lumber industries including Trucking, Treating, Mills, etc. To find out more about membership please call our offices at 541-WOOD (9663) or visit our web site at www.HawaiiLumber.com.
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More Trees:
The U.S. and Canada are not running out of trees. There are more trees growing today than 100 years ago.
Wood reduces energy and resource use, minimizes pollution, and reduces environmental impact.
Lumber is a sound economical choice for construction material.
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