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Building Green: Borate-Treated Lumber Structural Framing vs. Galvanized Steel Framing
  New Study Shows Lumber Framing Has Overall Less Negative Impact on Environment.

Borate-treated lumber has earned a great reputation within the building and architectural community because of its durability and green factor. Over the past couple of decades, borate-treated lumber has been used in Hawaii to protect homes from fungal decay and pests including carpenter ants, roaches and Formosan subterranean termites. Lumber is pressure-treated with borate preservatives which ensure effective protection throughout. Borate-treated lumber is a proven protection on thousands of Hawaii homes.

"Borate-treated lumber framing is popular in Hawaii because of our unique environment and the challenges that come with building and maintaining homes here," said Ken Laughlin, president of Hawaii Lumber Products Association (HLPA). "The treated wood allows for protection of wood framing from the elements and pests."

A recent study released by the Treated Wood Council (TWC) shows that along with its proven durability, borate-treated structural framing lumber is far greener than galvanized steel framing, which is the main alternative. Galvanized steel is coated in layers of zinc oxide in an effort to protect it against corrosion from our salt air environment. The TWC study focused on the natural resources and environmental impact of both products through manufacturing, useful life, and disposal.

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Ken Laughlin,

Last month we published our "7th Annual HLPA Lumber and Wood Resource Guide" in Building Industry Magazine. We have provided a link here in the newsletter for you to review it. With our annual theme this year, "Wood, Building Naturally, It just makes Cents!" we explore the affordability of building with wood and the ongoing green aspect of choosing wood for both residential and commercial projects in Hawaii. The Lumber Guide also covers Engineered Wood and the Top 10 Most Energy-Efficient Reasons for Building with Wood.

2012 is proving to be a great year for the HLPA and I would like to welcome our newest members to HLPA including:

Sean Newcamp, Field Representative, Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters

Blake Kolona, President, Kolona Painting & General Construction Inc.

Dave Kimball, General Manager Hawaii, Mendocino Forest Products

Sam Aguirre, Jr., President, Reef Development Hawaii

Mark Manning, Director Market Development, Rio Tinto Minerals

John Scott, Owner, Scott Lumber Company

Seth Sutherland, President, S.S. Builders

If you have not already visited our new website launched last year at it is a great resource for builders, contractors, developers, anybody that is building with Wood!

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