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May  2016
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In Hawaii, we love our sheds.

Hawaii loves their sheds. With the outdoor lifestyle, agricultural aspirations and our very active lives, locals and kama,ainas alike love their sheds. And there is good reason too.

According to HLPA Member Scott Loomer, with Truss Systems in Maui, “Todays sheds are more versatile and valuable than ever before. Now you can select a shed that can be used for a variety of uses, including carports, pavilions, sheds, studios, workshops, garages, and barns. And, today’s sheds are easily customizable also.”

TrussSHEDs from Truss Systems Hawaii offers beautiful sheds which are made to order and are affordable, attractive, durable, and built in Maui.   “We only use the best material, according to Loomer. They are constructed of top quality Hi-Bor© treated lumber and siding. These types of sheds typically outlast plastic and ‘kit’ shed ready-made options. There are three basic models that are easy to make your own, with a variety of paint, doors, windows, and flooring choices that make your shed an extension of your home, all while increasing the value.”

In Hawaii, residential and agricultural structures are classified as Dwellings or Accessory Buildings. Most of these types of shed structures will require a permit. However, Act 114, does allow commercial farmers on Ag Lands to build farm specific structures (greenhouses, barns, sheds, aquaculture installations, etc.) of up to 1,000 ft. without requiring a building permit.  The intent of the law was to make it easier for legitimate farmers to erect structures essential to their operations without having to jump through the many hoops required by the building permit process.

Maui’s Trusted Name in Trusses since 1994, we’ve been Hawaii’s trusted choice in truss and wall panel fabrication. In fact, nobody has built more trusses on Maui. With over 10,000 successful jobs and counting, you can rely on Truss Systems Hawaii to provide you with unmatched experience, service, and professionalism combined with the latest, most efficient, and precise equipment and technology.


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