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August  2016
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Ask the Expert: Engineered Wood Products—TimberStrand® LSL

Gary Okimoto, HLPA Marketing Committee Chair/Honolulu Wood Treating, LLC. Senior Vice President

Keith Cuthbert, HLPA Director/ILevel by Weyerhaeuser Western Sales Representative

Since 1988, Honolulu Wood Treating LLC. (HWT) has represented Weyerhaeuser Trus Joist products in the Hawaii market. A combination of Weyerhaeuser’s engineered wood products (EWP) and their design software offer options for every budget from value to full luxury. TimberStrand® LSL is one Trus Joist EWP that can help overcome challenges regular lumber can’t handle. Builders can go beyond the limits of traditional framing material, allowing them to build walls that are big and tall, flat and straight. It can be used as beam/header, wall framing, wall plating, studs/columns, roof framing and so much more.

TimberStrand® LSL is manufactured in Kenora, Ontario and made primarily from the underutilized and self-regenerating aspen tree. Harvested logs are debarked and cut into strands to a specific width, length and thickness that is unique to this technology. The strands are then dried and adhesive is applied prior to stacking them into a large mat. The orientation that the strands are placed into the mat is a large driver of the final design properties the product will obtain. The mat is then pressed in a steam injection process to make a large billet that is then cooled before being cut and sanded into the final product dimensions. The ability to change the design properties based on strand orientation makes this the most versatile product Trus Joist manufactures.

TimberStrand® LSL as a beam/header can reduce labor time and costs (no need to nail or bolt plies together), as well as being more structurally stable due to the solid section. The 1.55E grade beams/headers also have an allowable hole zone that is more flexible than any other EWP, which means larger holes located just about anywhere along the beam, even for beams supporting large point loads.

For wall framing, TimberStrand® LSL can achieve perfectly straight walls to hang kitchen cabinets on or provide long length material that is strong and straight to support windows in a 2 story great room. Available in 2×4, 2×6 & 2×8 stud sizes, and in lengths up to 48’, it can cover most any application.

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