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Building Hawaii Homes to Withstand Hurricanes

As seasoned islanders know, June 1st through November 3rd is ‘Hurricane Season’ for the Central Pacific. With hurricanes and heavy storms hitting the eastern United States this year, it’s important to think about hurricane-proofing our homes.

Hawaii’s older homes, especially those built prior to 1980, are particularly susceptible to damage during tropical storms and hurricanes due to building standards of the time. As high-wind consideration codes were added, some counties adopted the International Residential Code after 2000, which considers wind speeds not exceeding 100mph. With a hurricane being classed as a tropical cyclone with maximum sustained winds above 74mph, it is possible homes following this Code would sustain structural damage during a category 2 hurricane or stronger.


New HLPA Member Videos

Mahalo to our longtime HLPA members Mendocino Forest Products, Kop-Coat and Simpson Strong-tie. They each recently produced and published new videos, all about the processes and methods that go into building Hawaii Homes and they are now available on our website at:

First up is our member Mendocino Forest Products who take us on a tour of their Scotia, California Redwood Sawmill to see how logs turn into lumber, this is a must see and helps us over here in Hawaii to appreciate the extensive process involved in building our beautiful homes. As Mendocino is known as a leading, environmentally conscious company, they show us in their next video how they utilize all the by-products from their milling process to produce something of value. This is not only environmentally conscious, but very smart. And, of course Mendocino Forest Products went through the rigorous efforts to provide FSC Certified Wood, and are proud of this accomplishment.

Next is our very longtime member Kop-Coat, one of the leaders in wood protection. Their new video goes into detail about Tru-Core from Kop-Coat, you’ll learn all about how you can get the best in wood protection with our KOP-COAT TRU-CORE®, so go check it out. Kop-Coat is a world leader in providing innovative protection solutions for lumber and manufactured wood products exposed to weather.

Finally here is a terrific video from our member Simpson Strong-Tie which is about their employees and the community. Simpson Strong-Tie is proud of their employees who build relationships in the community. For nearly 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has focused on quality and innovation, providing the best customer service and doing what's right. This is their Genuine Commitment. Check out the high quality video today.

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