The Fall HLPA Lunch & Learn

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The Fall HLPA Lunch & Learn
Mid-Rise Design: Optimizing Size, Maximizing Value

IBC 2012 and IECC 2015 coding and the benefits of building with wood affects the new code

The Hawaii Lumber Products Association's Lunch & Learn, Course Description

As cities seek increased density as a way to address urban population growth, many building designers and developers are looking to mid-rise wood construction as a cost-effective, code-compliant and sustainable solution. This presentation will cover some of the design considerations associated with mid-rise wood-frame buildings, including how to maximize height and area through the use of sprinklers, open frontage, sloping sites, podiums and mezzanines. Construction types will be reviewed, with an emphasis on opportunities for wood use in types III and V.


Guest Presenter:

The HLPA is happy to welcome Ethan Martin of WoodWorks. He is a licensed structural engineer in several states with experience ranging from civil engineering and land development to residential, commercial, and educational building design. He earned a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University specializing in structures. Ethan has been with WoodWorks for over eight years and provides assistance on commercial and multi-family wood projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Ethan co-founded the International Mass Timber Conference and started the tall mass timber buildings in the US.


Check out the full presentation here:

18LL09 Mid Rise Design Optimizing Size Maximizing Value-IBC 2012 PDF
2019 10 24 LL Certificate HI Honolulu AIA Honolulu Light Frame PDF
Ethan Martin VCF


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